Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last night and early this morning it rained very hard. I estimate that the rain lasted at least 12 straight hours. Storms have been rolling over the island very regularly now. Historically May is the wettest month of the year in the Dominican Republic. So far May his lived up to expectations. All of the grass in the park is lush and green again. The trees that last month were leafless are now all leafed out and many are covered in beautiful blossoms. The island really needed the rain. Everything is looking beautiful again.

This morning started off with a Multi-Zone Conference that included half the missionaries in the capital. Normally Hna. Johnson and I do not go to these but this time we were given a special invitation by Pres. Almonte to attend. Hna. Johnson was asked to conduct training on missionary finances, their mission support money credit card and reimbursements. Hna. Johnson gave the training and Elder Conway translated for her. They both did a very good job.

Every “Translado” (Transfer day) Hna. Johnson and I train all of the new arriving missionaries on these very same subjects. Unfortunately it is just a brief overview and only lasts about 5 minutes. Today at the Multi Zone Conference Hna. had 20 minutes to go into detail and refresh everyone’s memory about the proper use of these “Sacred Funds” the missionaries are given.

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