Friday, May 14, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today was p-day and we were on another “Whirl Wind Adventure”. We were off early to a cave 45 miles on the other side of Santo Domingo. It is a cave named “Cueva de las Maravillas” (Cave of Wonders). We found it without difficulty and it was a wonderful attraction. The tour inside the cave was all new. The cave was opened to the public in 2003. We were very impressed with the whole tour. Well worth the USD$7.50 admission fee.

Our tour guide told us that the “Cueva de las Maravillas” was discovered by a group of Explorer Boy Scouts in 1926. Prior to that the only humans that knew of the cave were the pre-Columbian Indians that lived in the area. Their cave drawings are all over inside the cave.

And speaking of the Boy Scouts; on our was home we had to make a stop in down town Santo Domingo to buy flowers that required us to take some local residential streets I’ve never been on before. We were very surprised to discover the name of the street we were on was “Cub Scout”, we passed the next street named “Boy Scout” and we turned left onto a street named “Girl Scout”.

On our way back from the “Cueva de las Maravillas” we stopped at a restaurant, “El Mesón”, for lunch that the other senior couples recommended. They gave us a ton of food; we liked it a lot and took a lot of leftovers home with us. I think we’ll be eating there in the future. An interesting thing happened while we were eating that you just wouldn’t see happen at a nice restaurant in the states. A mother cat brought two of her kittens into the restaurant to beg for food from the diners. The two kittens were almost full grown and went to beg at different tables. At one point the mother cat jumped onto Hna. Johnson’s lap. Several times the staff made a halfhearted attempt to shoo the cats out but failed.

This evening Hna. Johnson had a corsage designing class she gave to the other Senior Hna.’s at the Casa. A few weeks ago she sent a signup sheet around at FHE. Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day she figured it would be a good opportunity to teach the sisters a new skill. She had about 10 Hermanas sign up to make a corsage.

My job was to pick greenery off of the hedges on the Temple grounds for the corsage students to use. The class went very well and the Hna’s did a very good job. All of the corsages looked nice. With the leftover flowers Hna. Johnson even made a nice bouquet for our apartment.

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