Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

It was another typical Monday for us in the mission office. However it wasn’t a typical Monday for the Elders in the office or in the whole mission. President Almonte declared that today was going to be “apartment cleaning day”. So missionaries all of the missionaries in the mission were told not to plan District or Zone activities or meetings. Everyone was to stay home and clean their apartments.

Hna. Johnson spent the better part of the morning entering a big stack of “Reimbulsos” (Reimbursements) from the missionaries all over the mission. She also did other entries in IMOS, etc. But then came a big surprise from the Office Elder cleaning their apartment on the ground floor. They found a stack of mail, legal documents and “Reimbulsos” that had been misplaced. One of the documents was a signed rental contract on our rental house in El Cercado. It’s been missing for months. Some of the Reimbulsos dated back to February! It’s a good thing that President Almonte declared this as “Apartment cleaning day” or these important papers would have gone undiscovered for months longer or even years.

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