Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another very busy, full day in the Mission office. Hna. Johnson had some very tense moments working in IMOS. A couple of time this morning I would hear a squeal of glee but later those squeals would be punctuated by frustration and anger as IMOS threatened to withhold “Apoyo” (support money) payments from all of the departing and the new arriving missionaries in two weeks. From across the room I would hear her say something like, “I cannot leave unless these missionaries get their money”. It was even more frustrating when the “help Desk” in SLC wouldn’t answer their phones or respond to her e-mails. But finally late in the day they did answer the phone. Hna. Johnson says it was one of those “Tender Mercies”. The problems were finally straightened out and for the first time in a week, “All is well in Zion!”

This afternoon we had an appointment with Pres. and Sister Hendricks. He’s the Santo Domingo MTC President. Our visit turned out to be a real joy, a stark contrast to the experiences of earlier in the day. The Hendricks’ took us to see “Centro Floral”, a silk flower store with showroom after showroom full of silk flowers and greenery. It was an amazing sight to behold for Hna. Johnson. She said, “My heart started racing as soon as I entered”.

Hna. Hendricks has asked Hna. Johnson to design some silk plants and greenery for her in the MTC. We’ve been hunting for silks in every store we’ve come across for the past two weeks and have found very little that was suitable. But “Centro floral” has it all and in huge quantities. It is perfect. Next week Hna. Johnson plans to start designing the pieces Hna. Hendricks wants.

After we left “Centro Floral” the Hendricks took us two blocks away to a shopping mall called “Acropolis”. Wow, they treated us to “Häagen-Dazs” ice cream. It was delicious. The Hendricks are very kind and caring. We really appreciated their generosity. Our afternoon with them was wonderful.

I didn’t even know they had Häagen-Dazs here in the Dominican Republic. But this Mall is a very up-scale center and caters to well to-do Dominicans. There are 4 stories of shopping center above ground and 4 stories of parking below ground.

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