Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today was busy in the office as was yesterday and the day before. Every last week of the month there is a lot to do to prepare for the coming month. Hna. Johnson has been very busy paying bills, prepping IMOS to pay DueƱos, loading “Apoyos” (support money) in missionary’s accounts and doing reimbursements. Her work load is complicated by the number of phone calls she gets at this time of the month from missionaries that have run out of money asking her when next month’s support money will be in their credit cards. They all know it isn’t supposed to hit their bank accounts until the first day of the month but they always have the hope it will show up sooner.

Today I went the “Edesur” (The Dominican Republic’s government owned electric utility) for the second time in two days. Yesterday I had to wait in line for an hour to pay the mission’s electric bill. Today I was back at their office because of a problem with the Azua office’s electric bill. My wait in line this time was only 50 minutes.

This afternoon I called the Mission Department in Salt Lake on behalf of President Almonte. I asked them to start to plan on a replacement for Hna. Johnson and I. We will be leaving the mission in January and our replacement needs to arrive in the mission sometime in November or December. The Brethren need to call our replacement some time before July.

When Hna. Johnson and I first arrived I learned something interesting about replacement office couples. The Mission Department doesn’t automatically schedule replacements when it is time for the old couple to go home. The Mission President must request a couple be sent. I was surprised to find out that the reason they don’t do this automatically is that most Mission President’s recruit a senior couple from their home ward or stake, their family or their friends. Soooo…. If anyone out there is planning a mission soon….. I know a mission office that could use you. It’s in the best mission in the world and the position will be available for you and your spouse in January.

When I called the Mission Department in SLC I talked to Sue Mendoza on the phone. It turns out that her grandson is Elder James Kieley who is serving here in the Altagracia Area of the Las Palmas Zone. She was delighted to get to hear about her grandson.

Elder Kieley is from Chandler, AZ.; I got to talk to him at the Multi-Zone Mission Conference last Thursday. He is has been in the mission since last October and is full of enthusiasm. He is a very good missionary. Recently I discovered something that Elder Kieley has been trying to keep secret. He is a computer genius! I’ve already used his expertise trying to solve our office computer problems. Before I leave the mission, I think Elder Kieley will be my best friend.

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