Sunday, May 30, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Today was my regular day to wait in line at the only Citi Bank in Santo Domingo and wait for all of the mission’s rent checks. Normally it’s no fun to wait in line for an hour but today the East Mission office Elder, Elder Clayton, was there with Elder Whitaker. I got to have a very nice long visit with Elder Whitaker while the office Elder was being helped at the teller window.

Both of the missions had about 20 checks to pick up so I can’t really explain why it took me about an hour to get my checks but it took the East Mission much longer. When I arrived at the bank I was at the back of the line and Elder Clayton was already at the teller window being helped. When I left he was still sorting out his checks. It is amazing to me how inefficient this new IMOS system of check writing is. In the old days before IMOS we could write our own checks in the Mission office; now we waist hours of productive time just waiting in line.

This afternoon we met up with Elder and Hna. Jones, Area Exec. Sec. & Asst. Exec. Secretary. The Jones bought a beautiful nylon hammock for Pres. & Hna. Almonte as a thank you gift for allowing us to use their cabin during the 3rd week of April. All five couples chipped in the pay for the hammock and we all signed a personalized “Thank You” card. The Almonte’s were delighted with the gift.

After we gave the Almonte’s the gift Pres. Almonte asked Hna. Jones if she would play something for us on the piano. She played 5 or 6 of his favorites starting with “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. Pres. Almonte was completely spellbound by the beautiful music. Pres. Almonte’s Mission Home piano almost never gets used. Hna. Ramona Jones is an accomplished piano player. The rest of us were enthralled by her beautiful hymns on the piano too.

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