Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Today we received word that Elder Pickett did not have “Dengue Fever” after all. It turned out to be food poisoning, something he ate. He was treated, rehydrated with an IV and released from the hospital. This was very good news. “Dengue Fever” is very bad.

“Dengue” is the same thing Elder Lewis had last summer (See August 19, 2009). “Dengue” is a disease carried by mosquitoes. There are 4 or 5 different variations, each one progressively worse. The worst form can cause death. The local name for the disease is “Break Bone Fever”. They call it that because the fever is so bad it feels like your bones are breaking! To my knowledge there have only been two missionary that have had it since we’ve been here in the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean Area doctor says there are dozens of cases all over the Caribbean every year.

For the third day in a row we had a Multi-Zone conference with Pres. Almonte. This time it as held in Azua, in the South. All of the Elders in the Zones of Azua, Barahona, San Juan and Neyba; totaling 62 Elders were there. The AP’s from the capital came too and since the conference was in the “South” they brought all of the mail and supplies with them. That meant the Hna. Johnson I were free to ride with President and Hna. Almonte to the conference. We really enjoyed the ride with them the chance to visit.

Hna. Johnson did her training again just like yesterday and Wednesday. As before Elder Bates translated again. Hna. Johnson noted after the conference was over that all three her conference talks have been a little different. Not only hers but the AP’s talks and the messages by President Almonte were all a little different. She points out the spirit guided her and she recognized the need for changes as she spoke. The Lord had specific things for her to say to specific individuals in attendance. The Lord is in charge, this is his work and he inspires his servants as they lead and teach. All three days of conferences have been spiritual feasts.

Hna. Johnson also pointed out again how fortunate we are to be in the positions we are in and have the duties we have here in the Santo Domingo West Mission. To be called as the “Mission Office Couple” has been a real blessing. There are hundreds of other senior couples serving throughout the Caribbean but only a few get to be in the mission offices. We are so blessed to get to work with the missionaries every day. We get to know them individually, feel their spirits, enjoy their successes and help them through their trails. Hna. Johnson and I recognize that we are so blessed and fortunate to be in this calling, at this time and in this place. This is truly another one of “The Lord’s Tender Mercies”. We love our mission.

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  1. Thanks for the image of the Elders in the South. Elder Wilson is our son and we see his smiling face in the image you posted.
    Tim Wilson,
    Tucson AZ