Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

The week has flown by and it’s Friday already. It seems like yesterday I was at “Centro de Servicio” with our weekend report, picking up supplies, mail, etc. And I did it all over again this morning. Only today I got an early start because I had so many stops along the way. It was a good thing too because it took me almost 4 hours to run all of my errands. When I got back to the office Hna. Johnson and I continued to prepare everything for our weekend trip to Neyba and Duvergé.

This afternoon we had a surprise visit at the office. Two Sister Missionaries that went home over 6 months ago dropped by to say hello on their way over to the President’s house. They were Hna. Scheetz from Lakeshore, UT and Hna. Holly Savage from Daysville, UT. They are visiting some of their old “stomping grounds” and will only be in the Dominican Republic for 10 days.

This evening Hna. Johnson and I webcam’d our Granddaughter LeeAnn and wished her a happy 4th birthday over the internet. We even sang “Happy Birthday to You” in Spanish to her. She had the biggest look of surprise on her face and she just kept giggling and laughing the whole time we sang. We also got to talk to Her brother Joseph as well as Samantha. It is a lot of fun keeping up with the grandkids.

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