Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today was another Zone Temple trip. This time the missionaries came in from the Zones of Barahona & San Juan. It’s a very long bus ride to get here so they were an hour and a half late getting to the temple this morning. But they made it and afterward they all went to the mission President’s home for a great lunch. Sometimes I’m asked to help shuttle missionaries back and forth but not today. I had some business to discuss with Pres. Almonte so I did get to see them at the mission home right after their lunch. It was great because I got to see my old friend Elder Bates who is now a Zone Leader and a “Trainer” in Barahona.

I also got to see and visit with a couple other elders I know well. Elder Lewis from San Juan was there, he is completely recovered from his Dengue Fever and looking great (See Oct. 22nd). I also got to see Elder Dixon who is also serving in San Juan (See Oct. 26th). He is completely recovered from the collision with the motorcycle and he’s doing great too. His forehead is completely healed and when the redness is gone in a few months he won’t even have much of a scare.

I really love these Zone Temple trips. When these elders get together, greet one another, renew old friendships, etc. there is electricity in the air. You can really tell these missionaries love each other and love the work of the Lord. Sometimes I just like to stand in the back ground and watch it all unfold and feel the emotion of the moment charged by the spirit. It is a testament to these Elders and Sisters and the work they do for our Savior and His church. I have been truly blessed to be here and be witness to moments like these.

Last week while Hna. Johnson and I were shopping at Jumbo; we bought a cheap DVD player for our apartment. The apartment came furnished including a 25 year old TV set. It does work and we’ve wanted to be able to watch DVD’s from the Mission Office’s library. Well, tonight I finally managed to get the two machines to work together. The technologies are so different it was like hooking a horse and buggy up to a sports car. But tonight I finally got them to work and Hna. Johnson got to watch her first DVD on the TV, “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas”. She likes it a lot, she actually watched it twice!

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