Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our goal this morning was to get an early start for Azua. It would have worked but we were delayed again and again by office issues, problems, unexpected errands, etc. We had hoped to leave by 10:00am but we did manage to get away at noon. Normally we leave the office between 3:00 and 4:00pm for our weekly stopover in Azua. However today we had an errand to run that took us a long way out of our way.

We had an errand to run on our way to Barahona, well not really on our way, we had to go way past Azua then south to the coast to deliver a refrigerator to one of the branches there. We were glad for the assignment because we got to see some of the country we hadn’t seen yet. Plus we’ve heard of a rare blue stone called “Larimar” that is only mined in Barahona and nowhere else in the world. We were hoping to find some jewelry made with it.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We also heard that the drive south to the town of Enriquillo, another 60 kilometers south along the coast is a beautiful drive. So after we delivered the refrigerator and found the “Larimar” stone we headed off for the coast road. It was a beautiful drive alright but we were a little disappointed because we thought the vistas of the Ocean, beaches, cliffs, etc. would be great. However most of the drive was through dense forest and we could only catch an occasional view of the ocean. It was worth the trip though. We enjoyed it a lot and the viewpoints we did find were very beautiful.

We got back to Azua shortly after dark and discovered again that there was no power. We had our left over chicken dinner cold – again. Later in the evening Nathan and Valerie called us on the webcam. Their 3 girls were all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. They had just returned from their Ward’s “Trunk or Treat”. We had a nice visit with all of them for about half an hour before we were off to bed in the heat of Azua.

The power came back on in our Azua house at about 11:00pm so we didn’t have to suffer very long. It’s a good thing too. Hna. Johnson is finally getting better from her 3 week bout with the flu. It seems that every weekend she is on the mend until we hit the heat and humidity of Azua, Neyba and DuvergĂ©. But this time she is coughing much less and feels better than she has in weeks.

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