Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

We were off for Duvergé at 10:30 this morning on another whirlwind adventure. We had stops in San Cristobal, Azua, Vicente Noble and Neyba to deliver mail, etc. While in Neyba we picked up the chapel TV and DVD player and a BBQ grill to take with us to Duvergé.

At 4:00 we attended an amazing baptism service in Duvergé. Hna. Dalmys Perez was baptized by Elder Jimenez in a local irrigation ditch! Actually it is the local river that has been channeled so it is very deep and very swift. When Elder Jimenez got in the water the current swept him down stream so quickly that his companion barely had time to catch him before he was completely swept away. But the baptism went very well and Hna. Perez is overjoyed to be a member of the church.

This evening we had the “Super Noche the Amistad” in Duvergé. Very similar to the one he had in Neyba last week. We had about 60 members and investigators out and there was only standing room in the chapel. Many were seated outside and watched “The Testaments” through the open window. Afterward we fed everyone hotdogs, punch and cake. Many of the members pitched in to help prepare and serve which really helped a lot. We were so impressed by the willing help we received and we were very thankful that everything went off without a hitch.

One of our biggest concerns was the electricity. The power is off more than half the time in Duvergé and there wouldn’t be a program without electricity. But our prayers were answered and we had power for the whole evening. Ever since we learned that both of the generators I found wouldn’t run, we’ve been praying ever day for electricity. Our Heavenly Father really loves his children in Duvergé because our prayers were answered completely.

It was a long day and Hna. Johnson and I didn’t get back to Azua until 11:30pm. That is only 8:30 Arizona time so when I turned on my laptop computer we got a webcam call from Nathan and Valerie. It is always great to talk to family on the webcam. We love it. Nathan reported that the Gilbert Days Parade was another great success. It was well attended by all the family and everyone pitched in to help.

I am so thankful for Nathan, Jacob and their families as well as all of my extended family for their love and support of this great family tradition. This was the first time in 34 years I wasn’t there to build a float. I am so proud of Nathan and Jacob for stepping up and doing such a good job while Hna. Johnson and I are serving a mission.

Well, I need to hurry up and get these entries in my mission journal finished. Now it’s after midnight and I still have to finish preparing my talk for tomorrow in Neyba. It’s going to be a late night.

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