Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday is supposed to be our P-day “Preparation day” but for the 3rd week in a row we have had to leave for “El Campo” early and have not had time to do much preparation for the coming week. We did go shopping this morning but we didn’t have time to do any laundry or cleaning. Maybe we will get to it after “translados” next week.

When we got away for “El Campo” we had a full truck load of items to be delivered all over the place. We had stops in the mission areas of Madre Vieja, San Cristobal, Bani Rama II, Pueblo Abajo, and Azua. As usual we delivered the mail but we also delivered bed frames, mattresses, dressers, desks, and washing machines. Including travel time, the deliveries took us about 6 hours.

Our stop in Madre Vieja also included a plumbing job. Elder Cummings and Elder Valdez’s tub won’t drain so I brought some drain opener with me from the capital to get it unstopped. My drain opener of choice is sulfuric acid! It is very dangerous stuff and the fumes are toxic. But with all the precautions taken, it always unstops the most stubborn drain.

Delivering to the Hna. Missionaries is always the best. When we finished delivering two beds, mattresses, chairs, etc. to Hna. Familia & Hna. Gonzalez in Bani Rama II they treated Hna. Johnson, myself and the Zone leaders to sandwiches and juice. The Hna. Missionaries are like that, appreciative, considerate and thoughtful. Now if we could just get the Elders to give us treats when we deliver to them it would be great.

When we got to Azua and delivered a washing machine to the Elders in the area called Pueblo Abajo, they decided that they didn’t want it after all. It seems that the machine we had was old and beat up. Their machine was almost new and twice the size. They decided that they would find a handyman to make the minor repair it needed rather than switch with the one we brought.

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