Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Before we left the Azua house this morning I was refilling our jug of drinking water out on the patio. A large yellow object caught my eye so I went over to investigate. Wow… what a discovery, hidden in a corner behind a bunch of other stuff was a 1000 watt portable generator. It looks almost new with very little wear. I don’t know how many years it’s been sitting there but the gas tank is bone dry. I think that’s a good thing, the last time it was used; it ran until it drained every drop from the tank. The oil dipstick is right on the “Full” mark and the oil is so clean I can hardly see it. I’m hoping that when I buy a can of gas it will fire right up.

I’m excited about the discovery of the generator because of what Elder Jimenez told me just before we left Duvergé. He said that the power is almost always off at the Duvergé chapel. That means the super activity next Saturday night might be ruined or canceled. He suggested that I ask around and see if I can find a 1000 watt generator. Well, talk about an answer to prayer, this is it. If the generator will run, we are in business.

On our way in to the capital Hna Johnson and I stopped in the pueblo of Nizao. The church has two braches there and the mission has 4 Elders. We stopped there to check on a new apartment for Elder Garcia and Elder Cuadra. The apartment they are in now has been without power for 3 weeks. They found a possible new location and it looks pretty good. There are some problems with it but nothing we can’t overcome.

Next we went to the home of the Duaño (landlord) of the apartment they are in now that doesn’t have power. We discovered that the problem with the power might be easier to fix than moving the Elders to a new apartment. I’ll be checking it out in the next few days and keeping our options open.

We didn’t make it to the office until 1:30pm. But we still had a full day of work to do. As soon as we arrived Hna. Johnson went to work on all of her Monday morning tasks like entering reimbursements for the Elders, balancing the petty cash, writing checks, etc. Even though she has not fully recovered from the loooong, hoooot weekend she still got all of her work done at the office. She is a trooper.

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