Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For the past two days the AP’s have been using my computer to make the transfer changes in a large spread sheet in a .xls document. With all the new missionaries arriving and all of the transfers required, it is a very big job. Both of the AP’s, Elder Caldwell and Elder Mesidor have Excel computer skills and are doing a great job. However, occasionally they run into a formatting problem they can’t figure out and need help. Late last night they ran into a format problem and asked Elder Almonte for help. That posed a problem. Elder Almonte is an office elder and he isn’t supposed to see any of the transfers/assignment changes until next week! Well, to fix their problem he had to see the transfer sheet and all of the new assignments. So…. All day today he teased his companion, made jokes and poked fun at Elder Small about being transferred out of the office, etc. It was a lot of fun and all in good humor.

So…. After the AP’s were done with my computer today, it occurred to me, the transfer information is on MY computer. I can look at the document and know five days early what is going to happen at transfers. So I did, and guess what….? I found out that Hna. Johnson and I ARE NOT being transferred out of the office! (Well, no surprise there, we will be working in the mission office for another year and two months.)

Elder Caldwell is from Lehi Utah. When I first met him I was impressed by his physical build. And how much he looked like a football player, muscles thick neck and all. So I asked him what is sport of choice was before the mission. I was surprised to learn that he and his whole family are avid rodeo participants. Elder Caldwell’s events are Roping, Team Roping, and Bulldogging. No wonder he is so big and strong.

Elder Mesidor, the other AP is a bright ray of sunshine. Every time he walks into a room it gets twice as bright! He is so personable and friendly that he spreads cheer and a bright smile where ever he goes. He has a wonderful positive attitude and he does a wonderful job teaching and leading the other elders in the mission as their AP.

Elder Mesidor is originally from Haiti. Which means his native language is French and/or Creole. He speaks both which makes him quite unique. Now he is fluent in French, Creole, Spanish and is learning English. A couple of years ago he gained admission to the national university here in Santo Domingo and was a college student before he received his mission call

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