Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Very early this morning Hna. Johnson was up baking an apple cobbler for the Elders in the office. You can tell it was very good by how fast it disappeared. Well, maybe not, Elders will eat anything but we could tell the apple cobbler was enjoyed by them right down to the last bight.

This morning the three elders that are going home were in their “Capacitacion” (training) called “Curso de Autosuficiente” which means “course on self-sufficiency” The elders are taught basic skills for after their mission like; how to fill out a job application, how to get a job and keep it, how to make a résumé, how to study in school, how to get an education, how to apply for college and how to take advantage of the churches Perpetual Education Fund. My job was to bring them their lunch. Missionaries love to eat and you’d be right if you thing they were happy to see me.

This evening we were hoping to go to the Senior Couple FHE and have Thanksgiving dinner with all of them but our day was too busy because of transfers. They were expecting about a hundred people to attend because it wasn’t just the Senior Couples but all of the Americans that live, work or have callings here at the Area Offices. Many of the staff members at the Area offices are paid employees and when they accepted the job here in the Dominican Republic they brought their families with them. They chose to hold their Thanksgiving dinner on Monday evening because the Temple is closed all day Monday and all of the Temple Missionaries can attend. If it had been on Thursday, none of them would have been able to attend.

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