Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 (My 60th Birthday!)

It’s my birthday! And it was a great day too. I was ribbed and teased all day by everyone in good fun and it was great. All the teasing didn’t matter anyway because I still think I’m 26! AND… it is very interesting, when I look at Pam; she still looks 21 to me!

At home after breakfast I opened my presents that I received from everyone back in Mesa. I received several birthday cards from the family and the staff at the flower shop; they were great & very funny. I even got toys from Grandma & Grandpa Burk. It was a package with two trucks and two helicopters that really fly. We had fun flying them all over the office.

Hna. Johnson baked me a cherry cobbler pie. We cut into it at the office and shared it with the office Elders. A big scoop of vanilla Ice Cream made it …. Wow, Mmmm Goood!!! Later in the afternoon at the home of the Mission Pres. the two zones, Neyba & San Juan (26 Elders that went to the Temple this morning with the Pres. & his wife) all sang “Happy Birthday” to me. The mission home was packed with Elders. It was great.

While we were in the mission home Hna. Johnson and I had a meeting with all of the Elders from Duvergé and Neyba. Technically it was a Branch “Priesthood Executive Committee” (PEC) meeting. We hold one every week in Neyba but the Duvergé Elders are never able to attend because of the distance. So we figured that this would be one of the only times we could get them all together and really do some joint planning between the Neyba Branch and it’s dependent branch in Duvergé.

This afternoon I discovered half a doz. birthday well wishes on my “facebook” home page from friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from some many that took the time to write me a birthday greeting.

We finished off my birthday at our apartment. We had planned to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday at the huge buffet dinner they put on at the “Dominican Fiesta Hotel”. But we decided to stay home and have more cobbler and ice cream for dinner instead. Later, Hna. Johnson let me beat her in a game of “Go to Heck”. It is just as fun with two players as it is with 4. We enjoy playing “Go to Heck” when we have the time.

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