Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today is our 14th month anniversary. Hna. Johnson and I have exactly 4 months of our mission left. It’s hard to believe but today it was a subject of much conversation between Hna. Johnson and I. But then the missionary in us kicks back in and we both say to each other, “But who’s counting?”

Tonight for FHE we had a pot luck dinner to honor the departing Senior couple, Elder John & Hna. Brenda Parker. Their 18 month mission is over this week and they will be going home to Manteca, CA. Elder Parker has been the Associate Area Legal Counsel in the Caribbean Area. Hna. Parker has been serving in the Family History Center as staff and indexing and Worldwide support as well as a Temple worker. Their services here have been indispensable. They are both very busy missionaries and hard working for our Savior here in the Caribbean. They have become our friends and it will be hard to see them leave.

The volunteer Senior couples and the work they do is irreplaceable here in the DR as well as all over the world. The problem with the Parkers departure is that no one is coming to take their place. In fact it’s worse than that. Between August and the end of the year six Senior couples will leave the DR and NO ONE is coming to take their places! Hna. Johnson and I are just a little worried that there may be no one to take our place in January. The need is so great and the Senior couples are so few I think it will be very difficult for the Brethren to staff all of the positions and programs where the need is the greatest. Every night Hna. Johnson and I pray the senior members of the church will step forward and choose to serve full time missions.

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