Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This morning Hna. Johnson were off early to Juan Dolio Beach but first we had to stop off at the “Temple Tienda” (Distribution Center) to pick up one of my hearing aids I lost yesterday evening in the parking lot. While I was there I took a phone call and had to put my hearing aid down on the sales counter to put my “Blue Tooth” in my ear. After the call was over I forgot to pick up the hearing aid.

When I left the Temple Tienda I scooped up the bagged supplies as well as the hearing aid that was on the sales counter. I didn’t discover the hearing aid missing until I got back to the office when the search began. I searched the car inside and out but found nothing. So I called the Hna. (Rosanna) at the Temple Tienda and asked her to look in the store, on the floor and in the parking lot. She called me back a half hour later with the good news that she found my hearing outside on the asphalt in the middle of the parking lot.

I was very lucky and blessed to find the hearing aid. They are very expensive and this is the 3rd time in two weeks that I’ve lost one of them and went a day or more without one or unable to find a lost one. Every time I lose one I make it a matter of prayer right away that I will find it. In spite of my ineptness and continually losing a hearing aid the Lord has blessed me with his “Tender Mercies” and has helped me find them each time.

Well… You won’t believe it but today I lost another one of my hearing aids again. I probably lost it at the beach or at the “El Meson” restaurant where we ate our lunch. I didn’t discover it missing until we were all the way back in the capital at the “INKA” store to buy more “Conde” bags for Elders. Well… there were only two things to do. First we said our pray for help to find the hearing aid and second we had to make the hour long drive back to Juan Dolio to look for it.

When we got back to Juan Dolio I went straight to the restaurant bath room where I changed out of my wet swimming suit. I had taken off my tee shirt there and I thought that I might have knocked it out of my ear by accident. It was the most likely place to start looking. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the floor when I got there. I even looked among the towels in the trash basket but found nothing. Next I asked the waiter that helped us earlier in the day if anyone had turned it in to their lost and found. He said no but he would ask the cleaning lady if she saw anything when she cleaned the restrooms.

Well… it was an answer to prayer, the cleaning lady said she found the hearing aid and she threw it in the trash! We went back to the same trash basket I had already looked in and she dumped the contents on the side walk in a big heap. Within seconds we found my hearing aid. I was overjoyed. Once again I got to experience one of the Lord’s “Tender Mercies”. I tried to give the cleaning lady a tip but she refused to accept it. She only said, “I am here to serve you”.

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