Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another fun filled day for Hna. Johnson in the Primary Nursery of the Los Arroyos Branch. The lesson was smiling and being happy. The activities were “Ping-Pong Basketball” and soap bubbles again.

Another of those “Tender Mercies” happened this weekend. Yesterday when we got home from the beach I discovered that one of my hearing aids was missing. I have to take my left hearing aid out every time my cell phone rings to put my “Bluetooth” in my ear. During our drive home I had several calls from Elders.

My hearing aids to very expensive and I really don’t like it when I loss one. (See Aug. 1, 2009 and Nov. 29, 2009) Hna. Johnson and I prayed separately then later in family prayer that we would find it. I knew I had my hearing aid while we were driving home, but between unloading the car and the next hour in the house it was lost. Hna. Johnson and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the apartment, doing our shopping and we hunted for it the whole time. We hunted everywhere in the apartment and we turned the car inside out looking but found nothing.

This morning we prayed for help in finding the hearing aid again in our family prayer and left for church. In the parking lot at church we were preparing to get our scriptures out of the back seat and Hna. Johnson looked in the crack between the driver’s seat and the console between the two front seats and said, like she said Saturday, it’s got to be in here. So for the umpteenth time I looked between, under and around the seat cushions as well as under the seat. It is very dark under the seat but this time I had my flashlight with me. For the first time the beam of the flashlight revealed a tiny something, could it be? I was literally standing on my head in the backseat so I could see better under the front seat. There it was, I found it under the seat. What a blessing, what a relief, what joy. Our prayers were answered; I have my hearing aid back. It wasn’t a big miracle, just one of our Heavenly Father’s “Tender Mercies”.

We talked to our kids on the Webcam again tonight. This time Jared, Tere & sons as well as Nathan, Valerie & daughters were visiting Lydia and Michael Hulse in Bagdad, AZ for the Labor Day weekend.

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