Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This morning started with my weekly trip to the “Aduana” (Customs Office) to pick up missionary packages. Lately I’ve been picking 3 or 4 per week but today there were a lot. My trunk was full; I brought back 11 packages and some of them quite large.

The “CCM” (Spanish for MTC) staff doesn’t pick up their packages very often and that is the reason there were so many packages for our mission. The CCM hasn’t been to the Aduana in almost 2 months. Four of our 12 packages today are for missionaries that arrived last transfer and three more were for missionaries that will arrive next Tuesday during our September transfer.

Normally when I go to the Aduana I don’t ask for the packages addressed to the CCM but last week Elder Beutler phoned me and said he’s been waiting for a package from home with his contact lenses. He said it was sent to the CCM while he was still there 6 weeks ago. I was delighted to discover that Elder Beutler’s package was among the 7 CCM packages I picked up today. Elder Beutler has really needed his contact lenses.

This afternoon Hna. Johnson and I went to the “Casa de Huespedes” (Temple Accommodation Center) and get our hair cut by Hna. Carmen Frucal. We’ve fallen into the routine of getting our hair cut the Thursday or Friday before every transfer. While we were there we also stopped at the “Tienda del Templo” (Temple Distribution Center) to fill orders for missionaries.

After we got all of our errands and chores done Hna. Johnson and I treated ourselves to a Temple session. We attended the 5:45 session and we were asked to be the witness couple. Hna. Johnson uses headphones and listens in English. I listen in Spanish but when I go through the Veil I do my part in English. It was a beautiful session and a great way to continue our anniversary celebration.

Last Tuesday Hna Johnson and I celebrated our 39th anniversary with dinner and a movie. As a continuation of the celebration we attended the temple tonight. Tomorrow we will continue our week long anniversary celebration by taking a trip to Barahona for two days.

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