Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I can’t believe it’s the last day of the month already! Where did September go? I guess time is flying because Hna. Johnson and I are so busy. Like today, I had errands all over, fighting traffic, waiting in line and trying to do it all on time.

One of my stops was a Jumbo Super Mercado. I finally found the right deep cycle battery for the mission office phone system. When the city electricity fails (it happens all the time) the office phone systems crashes and we lose our calls. The office’s PBX Phone system is designed with a backup battery that kicks in the instant the power goes out. When the backup battery is working correctly we don’t drop calls, in fact the phone system doesn’t even know the power was out. But the old battery was dead and no longer able to hold a charge so I had to find a replacement.

My last trip this afternoon was to Price Smart. I had a large list of food to buy for several Missionaries all over the mission. My grocery cart was full. We get photos printed at Price Smart. I was carrying two flash drives with me besides my own for Elders to have their pictures printed.

My flash drive had pictures we needed printed too. One of the prints we needed is of our beloved Hna. Mecho who passed away last May 11th. She was the handicapped sister from Duvergé who was finally able to go to the Temple for her own Endowments after waiting 8 years. (See April 19, 2010) Hna. Harris, wife of the Santo Domingo Temple Pres., requested the print. She is compiling the official Temple History for 2010. She is also submitting the touching story Hna. Johnson wrote about Hna. Mecho to the church’s Temple Department in SLC. Hna. Mecho was a very special lady, the story Hna. Johnson wrote about her is very special too.

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