Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

First a little history…. Last April Hna. Jones in the Area office asked me to write a Mission History for 2009. It should have been written and turned into the Area offices by the end of January but no one in the Santo Domingo West Mission knew anything about a mission history.

I went to work on the project and had it finished and ready for President Almonte to review it by June. That’s when Pres. Almonte asked me to contact the district leaders all over the South for their input. Plus Pres. Almonte wanted to add his comments too. By the end of July I finally had all of the material compiled, sorted, edited and entered in the document. Pres. Almonte had written an introduction page.

However when Pres. Almonte reviewed the history for the final time before his signature he decided he wanted to add a little bit to his introduction. That was way back in July. It has taken be until today to finally get the last comments from Pres. Almonte into the document. So tonight at FHE for the Seniors in Santo Domingo I was finally able to present the finished product to Hna. Jones. Finally!

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