Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today was another very busy day in the office. Hna. Johnson has a lot to do to prepare for each Traslado but when it’s over she has a ton more to do the wrap it up and tie down all the loose ends. Since yesterday afternoon she’s been trying to update the transfer board on IMOS. Every time she attempts to enter the transfers, the system locks up on her half way though and she losses everything she’s done to that point. It is very frustrating for her but then it is IMOS and she’s getting used to exasperation.

I also have a ton of computer work to do to wrap up transfers but today I was on the road almost all day. I had to go to Centro de Servicio, two banks, pick up the office print job at Print City and deliver mail to the La Paz chapel. By the end of the day I didn’t get any of my computer work done. Oh well, maybe I’ll get some of it done tomorrow.

We have a new Elder in the office, it’s our old friend Elder Huey. He was an office Elder for a couple of months last year when he was a brand new missionary. Back then he was companion to Elder Staff. For the past transfer he’s been a trainer in DuvergĂ© to two new Elders. Elder Huey is a very good missionary. He is taking Elder Thorup’s place.

Elder Thorup has been in the office for four and a half months. He too is an excellent Elder. In the office he’s been hard working, diligent and comprehensive. Yesterday in “Translados” he was moved to the San Geronimo Zone. He will be a trainer there. His new companion is Elder Anderson who arrived in the field yesterday with 11 other new missionaries. But Elder Thorup won’t be out of the office completely, his assignment in San Geronimo will also include coming back to the office 3 or 4 times a week in the morning to input “Registros Bautismales” (baptism documents).

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