Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This morning I had my usual Thursday “Diligencias” to run. However in addition to the usual stops I also went to a government office in downtown Santo Domingo. It was in the office of the minister of public affairs. An Elder that served in the mission 5 years ago needed a document of “Good Conduct” while he was here. The office is on my way to the Temple Distribution store so it shouldn’t have been a problem. But the traffic down town was terrible. At one point it took me 15 minutes to move one block.

Traffic officers, known as “AMET” (Metropolitan Transit Authority Police) were directing traffic at all of the intersections even though the lights were working. I really feel that they don’t help at all. Traffic seems to move more smoothly when they are not there. In fact traffic seems to move faster when the traffic lights are out. Which happens a lot here. With the electricity out so much of the time motorists have to watch out at every intersection, chances are pretty good the traffic signals will be out.

Early this afternoon Hna. Johnson and I left the office and went to Price Smart. We are in charge of FHE next Monday and we needed to buy the refreshments as well as our regular groceries. We got our shopping done pretty fast and that put us ahead of schedule for the rest of the evening. It meant we got to the Gym to work out about 45 minutes earlier than usual which was really great. The gym was almost empty and both Hna. Johnson and I got to work out on our favorite machines.

Sometimes when we go to work out at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel gym the there are lines to use the exercise equipment. But not today, Hna. Johnson got to use the tread mill by “TechnoGym” she likes and I got to use the “E-Motion Runner” that I like. We go to the gym after work and workout for 30 minutes each night. We usually make it to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week.

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