Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

This morning started with breakfast and my 1st molar’s crown coming off as I ate. Having a crown come off will ruin your whole day! Hna. Johnson had me call Hna. Berkley, one of the Seniors that had dental work done last month. Bro. & Hna. Berkley gave me the name of their dentist here in the capital and before noon I had an appointment with Dr. Edgar Andujar this afternoon at 4:00.

We always hear horror stories about bad dentists and botched jobs but maybe they are just exaggerated rumors. At Dr. Andujar’s office I was in for a pleasant surprise. His office was as clean and modern as any I’ve seen and he did a great job putting my crown back on. At any rate I was very fortunate to find someone so good on such short notice.

This morning early I as at the Mission Home to take down vehicle information for my monthly mission fleet report. While I was there I had a chance to talk to Pres. Almonte in his office. I had 3 or 4 items to discuss with him. But the interesting thing was the mission transfer board. He already has it prepared for “Translado” (Transfer) over a week away.

The AP’s were there in the President’s office doing all of the paperwork that has to be done to prepare for Traslados, updating and filling out forms etc. Pres. Almonte had to prepare for the Traslado so early because all this week he will be at a Mission President’s training seminar in “Casa del Campo” a town on the east end of the island. All of the mission presidents from all over the Caribbean will be there. President Almonte won’t be back in the capital until late Friday night so the transfer board had to be finished before he left town.

This evening Hna. Johnson and I were in charge of the Seniors FHE at the “Casa”. I gave the lesson on missionary work and keeping the zeal of missionary work alive for all of the Seniors even though we all have other assignments to do. I got to tell my favorite story of Great Grandpa Julius Johnson who was called to serve a mission to Arizona with his family. I think the lesson went well.

Hna. Johnson was in charge of an activity and refreshments. Her activity is called “Articles of Faith Sundae”. Everyone is required to recite from memory as many of the Articles of Faith as they can. Of course they can study and practice before they repeat each one. The first Article of Faith gives them a bowl, the 2nd a spoon, the 3rd Article will fill their bowl with ice cream. All of the rest of the Articles of Faith gives them a large selection of toppings. The activity went very well and everyone had a good time. Interestingly many of the Seniors recited the Articles of Faith in Spanish.

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