Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today we said goodbye to Elder Ricardo Arreola. His flight leaves very early tomorrow morning for Salt Lake. He has been given an honorable release and is going home for medical reasons. Hna. Johnson and I have known him since he arrived in the mission a year ago. (See Oct. 16, 2009) We have known and worked with him his whole mission, in Duvergé and in the office. We are sorry to see him leave the mission early but his lingering illness makes it impossible for him to work and keep up with the rigors of a full time mission.

Today I did my usual Wednesday “Diligencias” (Errands). I picked up 17 checks at Citi bank. Some are bills to pay; one was for the Mission Office petty cash but most were rent checks. It’s the first of the month and the rent is due for all of the missionaries all over the mission. Most of the rent we are able to pay with an electronic deposit directly into the bank account of the Dueño (Landlord). These rent check are for Dueños that don’t have bank accounts or the bank they use is not compatible with our bank's transfer system.

I made a stop at a new bank today. It’s the BHD bank and it is another one of the largest banks in the DR. Centro de Servicio has switched to BHD Bank for all of the church’s cash deposits. We used to make all of the Mission Office’s cash deposits into “Banco Popular” but no longer.

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