Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Today we got a phone call from Elder Wendler way out in Las Matas in the San Juan Zone. He has over $3000.00(DRPesos) of reembolos (reimbursement) to submit. Missionaries all over the mission need to get reimbursed for mission related expenses like the utility bills for their apartment, etc. He was curious how to get his reimbursement request to the office so Hna. Johnson could get the refund back in his account. Elder Wendler and his companion are a long way from the capital, about 5 or 6 hours by bus. In fact Las Matas is one of the furthest areas away from the capital.

There are a couple of ways we get receipts and bills to the office from way out there. One way is to put it in an envelope and give it to the “South Ayudante’s” (They used to be called the South AP’s) the next time they pass by. But they almost never get that far out and so the “reembulso” might take weeks or a month to get to the office.

We suggested that he send them by FAX. That way the invoices and receipts get to the office immediately and Hna. Johnson can process them as soon as possible. Elder Wendler will still have to get us the original of all the invoices but Hna. Johnson can process the request with FAX’d copies.

This afternoon Elder Tyler Anderson was in the office finishing up the “Registro Bautismales” imputing into the office computer system. He was very generous to Hna. Johnson and I, he shared some “Cravers Black Bottom” cookies with us. He received them from home and boy they were very good.

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