Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today Hna. Johnson had her usual Primary Nursery class. Today’s lesson was on Flowers and planting seeds. She even had the children plant a seed in a cup of dirt. This may have been a mistake; there was mud and dirt everywhere. She told me what happened. During that time some older boys came in uninvited and disrupted their planting project. One boy grabbed Hna. Johnson’s large drop cloth and flung dirt potted seeds and mud everywhere. It was a mess to clean up.

Today was my week to teach the Elder’s Qu. lesson (so I wasn’t able to help Hna. Johnson for the last hour of Primary). My lesson went very well even though we had a visitor. The Stake President, Quimerio Fernandez, was visiting the Los Arroyos Branch. The last 25 minutes of the class he spoke to the Elders Qu. about Faith and the work they will all have to do to make the dream come true of making the Branch into a ward.

Pres. Fernandez is very new to the job; he was put in as Stake President last month during Stake Conference. Last year when I was the Branch President of Neyba and Duvergé I used to work very closely with Bro. Fernandez in the Area church office in Centro de Servicio. He is an employee of the church and he is over all computer systems of all of the clerks in the stakes, wards and branches of the Caribbean. He has a huge job and now he is also the Stake President.

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