Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hna. Johnson and I had a very full p-day today. We spent the morning at the National Museum of Natural History in downtown Santo Domingo. We found out about it from some of the other Seniors last Monday night at FHE. We enjoyed our time there even though everything was in Spanish.

Next we were off to buy more “Conde Bags” at the Inka Store at the Mega Centro Mall. While we were at the mall we dropped into the “Ferreteria Americana” (The American Hardware Store) to look for key rings. While we were there we got sidetracked by the Christmas displays. Hna. Johnson really loves Nativity Scenes, she collects them.

Next we went to look for cookie cutters at IKEA here in the capital. The IKEA has only been open for 6 months. This is the first time we’ve eaten lunch there. It was great. Cookie cutters are a rare item in the DR. Hna. Johnson saw an ad for them in last week’s paper at IKEA so we made a point of driving all the way across downtown to find a set. She found them in the Christmas decorations. The cookie cutters are all Christmas.

We made our final stop at Jumbo to do our weekly grocery shopping. Hna. Johnson found another treasure while we were there. Pumpkins for Halloween are not popular here like they are in the states. But we found some at Jumbo and Hna. Johnson was delighted to get one.

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