Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Today we received our first “Blog2print” book. It looks great, it turned out better than I had hoped. Three weeks ago I placed the order on line. The book is a compilation of all my Blogspot entries for the first 6 months of our mission. It is 208 full color pages of my personal journal that I upload to the blog every week. I intend to have 2 more printed, six months each for the last year of our mission.

This evening we got word that two of our Hna. Missionaries were robbed. They are OK. The thieves rolled up on a Motor and demanded everything they had. They didn’t show a weapon but insinuated that they had one. They got one of the Hna.’s purses but bystanders saw what was happening and started toward the robbers. They took off without getting the other Hna’s purse.

The Hna’s still had their cell phone so they called for help. This evening the office Elders went over to their house to the Hna’s house to help them “Break in” because their keys were taken.

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