Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Today Pres. Almonte had a special training meeting. All of the senior companions in the mission that are training green companions were brought into the capital to be taught how to be better trainers. Some of the missionaries came all the way in from the furthest reaches of the mission. For some of them the trip took 2 days. They left Thursday evening, spent the night in Azua sleeping on the floor in the apartments of other Elders. Early this morning they took the first bus into the capital to be here in time for the 9:00am meeting.

Next the President is going to bring in all of the District Leaders for a similar training. Pres. Almonte is starting a new program of training of future leadership in the mission. In addition to the extra training the AP’s and the Ayudantes (Helpers in the South) will increase their individual splits with all missionary companionships. Pres. Almonte has put a lot of thought and prayer into this new program. He will even increase the splits he personally does with the missionaries.

Elder Larsen was one of the missionaries that come in for the training today. When he spent the night on the floor in Azua he was awakened in the wee hours of the morning by the bite of a six inch centipede. It had attacked one of his finger, latched on and wouldn’t let go. Elder Larsen said it felt like he was being cut by a razor blade. He shook his hand and it stayed latched on. Finally he got it off and he and the other Elders killed it. This afternoon Elder Larsen’s finger is fine. There are two tiny pincher marks where the centipede was latched on but there is no redness, no swelling and no pain.

Today Elder Larsen was very tired. After the incident with the centipede he spent the rest of the night in a chair and didn’t get any sleep.

Today is Elder Ortiz’s 21st birthday. Hna. Johnson baked her famous “Blondie” (Vanilla Brownie) with lots of chocolate chips on top for him. The office was full of missionaries, about 16, and we all sang happy birthday to him in Spanish.

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