Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This morning Hna. Johnson and I were off to the Santo Domingo Temple early to set out the Temple clothes for the 18 Elders from the San Juan Zone. They came in from the “South”. The mission areas out there are the furthest from the capital. They were up very early this morning catching the earliest buses in to the capital. Their Temple session started at 10:30 and they all made it into the capital and on time to the Temple.

Hna. Johnson and I were done pulling clothes and out of the Temple 2 hours before the Elders arrived so we didn’t get to see them. We headed over to Centro Floral near the Acropolis Mall on Blvd. Winston Churchill. Hna. Hendricks, wife of the “CCM” (MTC) President, as asked Hna. Johnson to make another silk floral arrangement for the CCM.

We were very surprised to see so much Christmas on display. Hna. Johnson loved it; the whole store was decked out in Christmas. She is already in the mood for Christmas.

This afternoon some of the Elders in the San Juan Zone were in the office to rendezvous with Elder Wendler and his Companion Elder Espinal to catch the last bus this evening for San Juan. Elder Wendler and his companion have been in the mission office for several days. Elder Wendler has been suffering with an amoeba and was having tests done at a local clinic here in the capital. He has been on medication and he says he is feeling better and looks forward to resuming his missionary work.

Elder Wendler and his companion were with the two other Elders from San Juan at the bus depot, they already had their tickets when they got a phone call from Hna. Almonte, the mission President’s wife. She told Elder Wendler not to return to his area in San Juan. She has instructed him to stay in the mission office with the office Elders so he can continue his recuperation for a few more days.

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