Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Today Hna. Johnson and I went to the beach with Elder & Hna. Whitaker again. This time they took us to a new section of Juan Dolio Beach we have never been to before. It was about 2 miles west of the beach we’ve always gone to.

This was a great beach. The first thing we saw was mounds of shells and shell fragments rolled up on the beach by the high tide last night. For about 30 feet in one spot on the beach there were shells everywhere. For almost an hour we sifted through the abundance of shell fragments looking for the very best whole ones.

The same was true out in the surf. When I went snorkeling I discovered some spots where the floor of the ocean was literally covered in seashells. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I still had to sort through the fragments to find the best whole ones but it was easy pick’ins.

This was the biggest haul of seashells we’ve ever brought back. In our apartment Hna. Johnson cleaned and sorted all of the shells. She was exclaiming how much fun she’s going to have with her grandchildren when she gets home making crafts with all of these treasures.

This afternoon I had to do some office work. I had to run to the bus depot of “Caribe Tours” which is all the way across town to pick up a package from the “Ayudantes” in the “South”. It contained a lot of mail, “reembolos”, baptism reports, etc. from the Elders & Hna’s all over the South.

The Package I picked up also had the diary of Hna. Jimenez. Elder David Almonte has had it in Vicente Noble so he could write in it. But yesterday we received word from Grace Montero at Centro de Servicio that Hna. Jimenez’s Visa to Puerto Rico has finally arrived. She leaves on the 10:00am flight on Monday morning. Hna. Jimenez has been serving in our mission for 3 months waiting for her Visa to be granted.

On the way back from “Caribe Tours” bus depot I stopped at a local nursery to buy some potting soil for Hna. Johnson. She has planned a lesson for the Primary children tomorrow that included the children planting a seed to take home, water and watch grow. When I got to the nursery to buy some soil I told the owner that I only needed a little soil; could he sell me a half gallon container full and not a 10 pound bag? He was glad to and when I went to pay for the soil he smiled, looked at my missionary name tag and said, “No charge, it’s for the cause”.

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