Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010 (General Conference Weekend)

General Conference was wonderful. For the second day Hna. Johnson and I watched General Conference on our Laptop computer. The messages of our leaders, their stories, their analogies, their wit and wisdom are timely and beautiful. There were too many good talks to mention here. In fact they were all good but I would like to mention the words of Pres. Monson as he opened the conference on Saturday. The last part of his brief introductory comments struck home as he made a plea for more Senior couples to serve missions. The demand is so great and the number of available Seniors are dropping.

Last night as we talked with the other Senior couples at the home of Elder and Hna. Kilgore we heard that the Area Executive Secretary, Elder and Hna. Jones will be leaving their mission in only two months and no one has been called to take their place. It is a frightening prospect if the Brethren in Salt Lake don’t have enough Senior couple applicants to fill such an important position as the Area Exec. Secretary!

After the last session was over, we Webcam’d and phoned two of our sons and their families in the states. Our son Dan doesn’t have a webcam so we phoned him and his family. It is such a blessing to get to talk to him and our grandchildren. It’s as easy as dialing his number on my cell phone. A phone call isn’t as good as the Webcam but it was great none the less.

Calling our son on my cell phone isn’t free like a Webcam call but it is very inexpensive. It is only 8 cents (USD) per minute and there is no special long distance country code to dial first. For long distance purposes, our cell phone company considers the Dominican Republic to be the 51st state in the union!

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