Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Part of my office duties include looking after the mission’s fleet of vehicles. There are only 7 vehicles in the fleet, 2 cars, 4 pickups and a van. I keep track of and monitor all of the maintenance on them. This afternoon one of the mission cars was at Delta for its regular 5000 Km service and a brake job. When it was finished the AP’s gave me a ride to Delta so I could pick it up.

I was glad to get the ride from the AP’s. Many times there has been no one for me to ride with and I’ve made the half mile trip on foot. The AP’s were on their way to their proselyting area anyway and it was only a little bit out of their way.

And speaking of proselyting, Elder Wendler was in the mission office all day today getting the rest he’s been ordered to get by Hna. Almonte. He’s really anxious to bet back to his area so he can go back to work but it turns out that he is getting to work after all. Every afternoon at 4:00pm the AP’s stop being AP’s and turn into regular missionaries. And… since Elder Wendler can’t be left alone in the mission office while they are out proselyting he will be accompanying them as a threesome.

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