Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hna. Johnson was busy in the office as usual. Even when she is caught up on all of the work she has to do there is a never ending barrage of phone calls from Elders and Sisters that need one thing or other, have lost their credit card or need their visa renewed. Today she received several phone calls from Elders wanting more “Conde” bags. She now has orders for 12; it looks like we will be shopping for them on Saturday. It’s fun, we like it.

Today is Lizzy’s birthday. Hna. Johnson talked to her on the phone and had a wonderful time as Lizzy giggled and squealed as she opened Grandma Johnson’s electronic greeting card (Blue Mountain eCards).

I was on the road again all day. In addition to my usual Thursday errands I also went to the Minister of Public Affairs office in downtown Santo Domingo. A missionary that served here in 2005 will be attending school in Canada and needs a “Letter of Good Conduct” from the Dominican Government. That’s where I come in. I spent almost two hours waiting in long lines to submit the paper work. I’ll be able to pick up the “Letter of Good Conduct” a week from today.

This afternoon I went to the “Tienda del Temple” (Temple Store) to do my usual purchases for the missionaries. While I was there I delivered a whole stack of mail to the Elders at the CCM (MTC) while they played basketball and volleyball in the parking lot. I just happened to be there during their exercise hour. It was a lot of fun handing out mail to so many of them, I really made their day.

Elder David Almonte and Elder Mezguet Mesidor came into the office today from the South. They are shuttling Elders back and forth to new area. Elder Mesidor has been reassigned to be an “Ayudante” and is in a trio with Elder Almonte and Elder Woodward. They’ve been very busy lately.

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