Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This morning the AP’s were up at 3:30am to head over to the Mission Home and pick up the 5 Elders & Hna’s that had flights to catch this morning. They had to be at the airport by 4:30am.

Today was a typical day after “Traslados”. Hna. Johnson was very busy doing all of the required post-Traslado work but that then she had tons of interruptions and phone calls that didn’t allow her to get anything done. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

I had to do my regular Wednesday “Diligencias” (Errands) but I had to make a special trip to Price Smart to fill all of the orders for a lot of missionaries all over the mission. I didn’t have much time, this morning was the Zone Leader’s training meeting at the La Paz chapel. I had to have everything purchased, labeled and ready the office Elders, Elder Huey and Elder Grant. They took the Price Smart items and all of the mail to the meeting before it let out at noon. They also had to stop on the way and buy lunch for all of the Zone leaders for them after the meeting.

This afternoon I phoned the church Mission Department in SLC. I talked to one of the workers there about our need for a replacement couple when Hna. Johnson and I are released in January. She told me no one has been called. She said Mission Presidents usually recruit replacements. And she added they don’t automatically call senior couple replacements unless asked to by the mission.

I was very surprised to hear that no one has been called. I called the Mission Department in July to specifically request a replacement couple. Somehow my official request has become lost and it looks like our mission office may have to go for a time without a senior couple to run the office. At least until SLC can get a couple called, trained and delivered to the DR.

Since there isn’t enough time (less than three months)to get a replacement couple in the pipeline and sent down before we leave the DR, the lady at the Mission Department asked me if we would be willing to extend a month or two while someone is called and sent. I told her that we probably would have been willing to extend but there is a problem. We have two sons and their wives coming in January to pick us up at the end of our mission and they’ve already purchased their non-refundable tickets.

Note to Family and Friends! Is there anyone out there who is prepared to serve the Lord for 18 months on short notice? This really is the best assignment for a senior couple in the world! We love it and so would you.

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