Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday services in the Los Arroyos Branch are taken up by the Primary Nursery two of the three hours of the block. It seems to be all consuming but on the Sundays I don’t teach in the Elders Quorum (like today) I am with Hna. Johnson for both hours so she has some help.

This afternoon we received a phone call from Dr. Kilgore at the “Casa”. This year’s Flu Vaccine has finally arrived and he asked us to drive right over for our inoculation. He has very little time to give all of the Seniors their Flu shots. Today at noon he and Hna. Kilgore just returned from one week long trip and tomorrow morning at 4:30 he has to be at the airport to leave on another.

Dr. Kilgore is the Caribbean Area medical advisor. He just returned from a weeklong tour of two missions that included the Lesser Antilles Islands and even Guyana in South America. Mostly he accompanies the mission Presidents to Zone Conferences where he teaches and trains missionaries on how to stay healthy. He also does some doctoring of missionaries, especially in some of the out-of-the-way places.

While we were at the “Casa” (Temple Accommodation Center) we noticed some very large bird nest in the tops of the palm tree around the Temple. I’ve seen them all over the DR for the past year but I didn’t know what bird made them or their significance.

We learned yesterday at the Museum of Natural History that this is the nest of the “Palm Chat” (Cigua Palmera - Dulus dominicus) which is the national bird of the Dominican Republic. Their nests are very large because the birds are communal and the nest has many compartments inside of it.

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