Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First thing this morning I was all set to get a lot of much needed work done when the call came from Elder Keys, the AP. In an instant my plans were changed but it was all right. Actually the most important job I do in the mission office is to help the missionaries in every way I can and to do every job the mission Pres. has for me. I was off on an errand for the President that took me over 3 hours.

Elder Picket and his companion Elder Estepan needed to be picked up at the “Caribe Tours” bus depot and taken to a clinic in down town Santo Domingo. Elder Picket has been suffering with severe pain from kidney stones for the past week. At the clinic they did a whole battery of tests and even took X-rays. When the results came back the Dr. said that Elder Picket has “the kidneys of a baby”. He doesn’t have kidney stones nor any other problem associated with the kidneys. Elder Picket was completely baffled. Yesterday he had blood in his urine but today nothing. Either he has something else wrong that the tested didn’t detect or he’s had a miraculous answer to prayer.

(P.S. At the end of the week I checked back with Elder Picket and he said that he’s been following the doctor’s orders, eating three regular meals, drinking lots of liquid and taking his prescription. He said he has had some minor pain since his doctor’s appointment but nothing like the “fall on the floor and writhe in agony” kind of pain he experienced before he saw the doctor. He said he is doing very well and is back to work as a missionary.)

Advertizing billboards in the DR are different than the ones in the US. Here the billboards are all covered in fabric that will tear away during hurricane force winds. Once the fabric is gone the metal skeleton of the billboard won’t get torn down in the hurricane.

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