Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today Pres. & Hna. Almonte took the San Cristobal Zone to the Temple. Hna. Johnson and I were there an hour and a half early to set out all of the Temple clothes for the missionaries. San Cristobal is the largest Zone in the mission, twenty six missionaries so there were a lot to get ready.

Last Tuesday we got to take pictures of the missionaries before they came in the temple but this week we were done very early so when we left the temple there were no missionaries waiting outside the doors. I was a little disappointed; I really like to take pictures of our missionaries.

Next Hna. Johnson and I went to the “Tienda del Temple” (Temple Store / Distribution Center) and made several purchases of supplies for our Elders and Hermanas. We left the Temple grounds, pulled out into the street and that’s when we saw them. Walking up the street were 12 missionaries heading for the Temple. They had been dropped off at the corner by their bus and they were walking up the hill right toward us. I was delighted to see them. Even though it was only half of the Zone, I got my picture!

We were surprised to have Pres. Almonte in the office this afternoon. He was interviewing Elders. It was a pleasure to have him stop in. He doesn’t make it in very often because he spends so much time in the field with the missionaries; at Zone meetings, training and he even goes on splits with the Elders and Hermanas.

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