Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s Friday already, WOW, where does the time go. Sometimes the time flies by and other times it seems as though a day will never end. Today was one of those days that flew by. There was a lot to do and we got a lot done.

Today was another one of those wonderful days when we get new missionaries in from the MTC. This time they were from Provo and not the MTC here in the Dominican Republic. Both Elders are “Language Advanced” so they left the Provo MTC after 3 weeks and skipped the additional 6 weeks of language training here in the DR.

Both Elders have Hispanic backgrounds and spoke Spanish in their homes. Elder Arreola is from Utah and Elder Mendez is from Phoenix. It’s great to have another Arizona Elder serving in the DR. Both Elders are full of enthusiasm for the work and love the Lord. These young Elders are just wonderful. They bring a special spirit with them as they enter the mission field. We really enjoy having them in the mission office if only for a few hours before they leave for their assigned areas with their new companions. We really love the missionaries of this mission.

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