Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, today marks a full week that Hna. Johnson has been fighting a very bad cold. She started with chills, fever and a severe headache. Now it’s been a week and she isn’t much better. The fever and headache are gone but the deep lung coughing, no sleep and extreme fatigue are making life miserable for her. We are both looking forward to her getting better.

But in spite of all the misery of a very bad cold she has hung in there and done her work through the worst of it. She hasn’t missed a day at work and still traveled to Azua & Duverge over the weekend to fulfill our Branch duties. Hna. Johnson is a real trooper.

The work in the office goes on. We have two new AP’s (Assistants to the president) here in the capital. They are Elders Caldwell from Lehi, UT and Elder Mesidor from Haiti. They are green at their job but eager and willing to learn and work hard. Elder Jimenez has been able to stay with them for the past two days to help them find their way. However they were be themselves this afternoon in the capital and got lost for hours. Neither one has driven in the craziness that are the streets of the Dominican Republic. Thank goodness for cell phones.

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