Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This afternoon Elder and Sister Roberts came by the mission office for their temple recommend interviews. They’ve only been here in the Dominican Republic for a week. So they are getting used to the crazy drivers here. They forgot to renew their recommends before they left. But this gave President Almonte and all of us in the office a chance to get to know them and learn what their mission call is all about.

The Robert’s are Perpetual Education Fund (PEF) missionaries. They will spend their mission helping Dominicans take advantage of the church’s perpetual education fund. Among other things they teach young people how to get an education, how to apply for and how to fund their education; even how to study for and take a test in school, etc. There is a very big need for this kind of training here. Like most third world countries, only the parents that have the money send their kids college. The church’s PEF program is a real blessing for the poor people of the Dominican Republic.

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