Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This morning I drove to the Temple’s accommodation center to guide Elder and Sis. Roberts to the La Paz Chapel here in the capital. The president has set up another “Curso de Autosuficiente” (See Aug. 26, 2009) for the departing missionaries this transfer. The Roberts will be teaching them all about funding for school, applications, etc. It’s a wonderful program for these returning missionaries.

The mission office is very busy these days as we prepare for transfers this coming Tuesday. It’s going to be a big one. We will be getting in 21 new missionaries and we are only loosing 4. In six weeks it will happen again, we’ll get in over 20 and only loose a few. It means that the total numbers of Elders and Sisters in the mission will swell to around 190 more or less. The mission is supposed to have about 200 in it all the time, so we will be closed to full capacity by next transfer on November 24.

Being at full capacity is a very good thing. It means there will be more missionaries in the field, more contacts, more teaching opportunities, more reactivation and more baptisms. It also means more paper work, new apartments to open and more maintenance of apartments. The work load on the office staff will diffidently increase but that’s good too. Hna. Johnson and I are here to serve the Lord and serve we will. We love our calling here in the mission office and Love these missionaries.

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