Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This afternoon I worked on the apartment contracts for the mission. There are about 80 and each one has to be reviewed to make sure we pay the right amount of rent by the first of the month. When I get my part done I will turn the folders over to Hna. Johnson so she can update the electronic payment system and either upload the payments or cut checks depending on which apartment it is. It usually takes Hna. Johnson a couple of days to get it done. It’s a big job and she is getting better and faster at it.

Last night Elder Richard Hinckley said that the service rendered by the army of senior couples in mission offices and other assignments around the world is invaluable. He expressed his appreciation to all of us at FHE in the Accommodation Center for our work we all put in. We meet in a conference room and it was packed with about 25 couples. We all have different assignments; they include Temple workers, proselyting couples, CES missionaries, humanitarian service missionaries, family history missionaries (microfilmers), and office couples just to name a few.

Elder Hinckley said that he was interviewed by a representative of another faith doing her Doctoral thesis. When the subject was on missionary service he told her of all the selfless hours put in by so many people at their own expense. She asked; “How do you get so many people do spend so much of their own money and give so much time”. Elder Hinckley replied; “We ask them!” Then she said; “That’s the way it used to be in my church but now everyone expects to get paid.”

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