Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The day dawned on a tragedy, a blessing and a miracle. I’ll explain. I was asked by President Almonte to participate in a disciplinary council at 7:00am this morning. Normally I would not be asked but both of President Almonte’s counselors were out of town and unavailable so the Mission Secretary and I (the Mission Executive Secretary) were asked to sit in on the council.

It is a real tragedy when missionaries disobey mission rules. Obedience to mission rules is very easy. Unfortunately some missionaries succumb to temptation and not only break the rules of the mission but transgress the laws of God, and break sacred vows made in the temple. Disobedience brings dishonor and shame to the missionary. It causes scandal and damages the reputation of the church. And it causes heart break to parents when their son or daughter must be sent home early and dishonorably.

However the Lord is merciful, so there was also a blessing and a miracle in the early morning. The missionary for whom we assembled was given a marvelous gift by the Savior of the world. The missionary was given the gift of repentance and the miracle of forgiveness. This gift and Miracle are so valuable that they can not be purchased with money, only with the blood of the Savior.

The disciplinary council that was held this morning sometimes is called a “Church Court” but what it really should be called is a “Council of Love.” The Savior loves this missionary so much that this morning’s “Council of Love” set his feet on the path of full repentance and complete forgiveness for his transgressions.

Many tears were shed this morning but I had the privilege of participating and being witness to a miracle, the complete and unconditional love of the Savior in action. I am truly thankful for the Savior and his atonement for the sins of this missionary as well as for all of us. Now the tragedy of the sin is in the past and the blessing of the redemption for all of mankind is available to this young missionary. I love the Lord and his plan of salvation. That he forgives us is a miracle!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony of the love of the Savior. I think that the miracle of the Lords sacrifice is the greatest blessing on earth. Thanks.