Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s very interesting to me how some of the smallest, most insignificant things in the mission field can really make me happy. For example I’ve been hunting for my favorite brand of chewing gun since we arrived in the Dominican Republic. It is “Trident – Tropical Twist” gum made by Cadbury Adams. I’ve really paid attention and looked for it at every store I’ve ever been in. There are lots of other chewing gum flavors made by Cadbury Adams but I’ve had no luck finding “Tropical Twist”.

Well…. I went shopping tonight while Hna. Johnson rested at home. I went to the “Bravo” grocery store which is literally across the street from our apartment. We’ve shopped there once or twice a week for the past three months. To my surprise and delight, there it was at the checkout stand, “Trident – Tropical Twist”. I was so happy I took the whole box from the checkout end cap display and bought all 9 packages of gun that were left in the box. I’m sooooo happy!

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