Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009 - GENERAL CONFERENCE

This eveni ng I returned again to the Accommodation Center to watch the General Priesthood session of conference at the Harris’ home. Tonight I had the fortune of sitting next to a young man named Sam Andersen, son of President Wilford Anderson, second counselor in the Caribbean Area Presidency. When I told him I was from Mesa Arizona he said, “You are from Mesa! Then you are my newest best friend!” Sam is 16, is a Junior at an American high school here in Santo Domingo. He is 6’2” and is on the high school volleyball team. That makes him, my newest best friend! We had a nice visit together before and after conference.

Both Hna. Johnson and I had our “melancholy” moments today. Hna. Johnson misses her family back in Arizona. She especially misses them around General Conference time. But she had her spirits lifted up as she got to attend the conference broadcast with other English speaking couples. They were a great support to her as she deals with a little bit of homesickness.

I too, miss my family very much. I especially miss the tradition of attending the Priesthood session of conference with my sons. Maybe that is why I enjoyed talking to Sam Andersen so much. In a way he took the place of my own sons whom I have attended conference with for so many years.

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