Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009

I was off early this morning to get my “Diligencias” (errands) done. One of my stops was as “Centro Servicio” (Central Services) for the church. This is like the “Salt Lake City” for the Caribbean. It’s were the Caribbean Area offices are located. It is also the church’s distribution hub for the whole Caribbean. Just within this complex buildings and warehouses, I had 4 stops to make; dropping off forms, picking up supplies, etc.

In the list of things I was to pick up was a Book of Mormon in Braille. There isn’t much call for Braille Book of Mormons. However it seems there is a blind member that lives in Azua and now there is blind investigator there too. When the warehouse manager brought it out I was very surprised at the size of the box. It was huge! About twice the size of an ice chest. The box contained 7 volumes and each on was very large, all of this to produce just one Book of Mormon. I was even more surprised when I saw the price. The church supply catalog listed this Braille Book of Mormon at exactly the same price as a regular Book of Mormon. The church really takes care of its handicapped members.

One of my errands was a stop at Price Smart. This place is the “Costco” of the Dominican Republic. Yes, you’re right; it’s one of my favorite places to visit. Today I had to pick up some pictures I had printed for the office. About the only difference between Price Smart and Costco back home is the armed parking lot guard in the guard tower!


  1. Hello! I actually found your blog on Google! My name is Janae Bingham, and I am from Bluffdale, Utah. I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in November with a humanitarian group called IASK. Some of the couples I am going with and I were hoping to do a session in the Santo Domingo Temple while we are there, and we have also heard about a "Casa de Huespedes" there at the temple, and we wondered how we would go about arranging to stay there one night. If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

  2. If you could email me your reply,I would appreciate it! My email address is Thanks!