Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

This morning Elders Almonte and Small did the Friday “Diligencias” (Errands). They brought back a package for me from the Aduana (Customs). It was my birthday package from Nathan and Valerie. I got cards, letters and several presents. You’ve heard that missionaries love packages from home; well it is true! Especially good was a DVD of home videos Valerie took of the grandkids for Hna. Johnson and I to enjoy. And enjoy we did. We love it!

Hna. Johnson got pretty pictures colored by Sammy & Lizzy. She also received some things she needs for designing flowers, like floral foam and centerpiece containers. She really needs these things for designing and she hasn’t been able to mind them here. I also got a box of my favorite flavor of chewing gum. Even though I was finally able to find some at our local grocery store, Nathan and Valerie sent me a whole box of 12 packages. Pam and I really appreciate all they do for us. They work tirelessly in the flower shop so we can be here serving a mission in the Dominican Republic. And we are equally grateful for all of our family that is working so hard to make this mission possible. We love them all and pray each night for their continued support and faith.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Late this evening the Sister missionaries in “Harrara I” called to say they found a house for the office Elders and I to inspect. Hna Reyes (a Dominican) and Hna. Munro (from Ghana) have been squeezed into a one room apartment with 4 other sisters for over a week so it is really important for us to do all we can to rent them a house. There’s a catch, the only time we can meet the duano (landlord) is after 6:30pm tonight. So we were off after dark to look at a rental apartment with flashlights.

Elder Almonte is really getting this negotiation business down. He negotiated the contract and was able to get almost all of our requirement met. He even got the landlord to install iron bars on the front door and windows at his expense. It looks like the Sisters may have a house in a good neighborhood to move into soon, thanks to a good job by Elder Almonte.

And speaking of a good neighborhood…. In the Dominican Republic there is no “concealed weapon” law like in the United States. In fact there is no law against carrying a fire arm at all. A lot of the men are carrying a pistol/revolver in their pants pocket that you can’t see. The duano we met with tonight carried a .45 automatic in the waist band of his pants. When I first got to the country I was really surprised to see all the side arms carried by so many men. Now I’m more surprised to see a man not carrying a weapon.

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